Dog Section



Our extensive background in policing has identified the use of working dogs to be a great use of resource to achieve maximum effect. A highly trained working dog can often have the same capability of up to 10 operatives.

We pride ourselves on our exacting standards and all of our assets are trained and operated in full accordance with British Standard BS-8517.  Animal welfare is a key aspect of our business and no expense is spared in ensuring that our working dogs are in the best of health mentally and physically, all are housed within the home environment with their dedicated handlers.

Our dog teams are trained to the highest industry standards and constantly assessed by our in-house team of accredited former Police Instructors.

General Purpose

Our General Purpose dog teams are able to deploy at short notice nationwide in order to protect your site, venue or residence from criminality. We generally use German Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Shepherds and Dutch Herder Dogs for this role. Our dogs are trained to protect their handlers and others tasked to protect your property, they are a highly trained resource that can have the same effect as a large number of Security Operatives by using their amazing scent skills. The mere presence of security dogs is proven to deter unwanted people from a location.

Drug Detection

Drug Detection dog teams are able to be deployed in order to support a variety of clients from law enforcement agencies, schools, higher education venues and the licensed trade.

Our dogs are trained to search on real drugs and can detect across the spectrum of illicit substances.

We have both a proactive and passive search capability which allows us to search buildings, vehicles, open areas as well as people and crowds.

For a large venue or event this can save considerable resource hours and is shown to be significantly more effective than normal searching. 

Explosive Detection

We maintain Explosive detection dog teams on a high state of readiness to deploy nationwide to provide assurance to your event or venue.

Full operational details of this resource are confidential, however our assets comprise of highly trained dogs that exceed industry standards handled by operationally experienced former police/military personnel.

Call For Further Details

Please feel free to contact our Working Dog team for further information on 0333 9874277.